James Worlton portrait


I compose solo, chamber, vocal, electroacoustic and orchestral music. I have also arranged children's songs for a CD project, and composed music for use in film.

Site News

2017-05-09: Added Dilute Light for Bass Flute and Harp.

2013-08-18: Alfred Thinks We're Aliens is now available to watch online on Vimeo. See it here.

2011-11-21: Added Into the Light for recorder trio.

2011-07-09: Added the soundtrack for the film Alfred Thinks We're Aliens by Daniel McQueary.

2011-03-05: Updated the entry for Light Enhances including program notes, and an audio file.

2010-12-22: Updated the entry for A Sound Until including program notes, and an audio file.

2010-12-14: Added an audio file of the reading of Interlacing Strands, recorded on Dec. 1, 2010.

2010-11-26: Updated the score for Interlacing Strands. (Fixed several issues in preparation for the reading on Dec. 1.)

2010-10-21: Score now available for Interlacing Strands.

2010-10-10: Recording now available for Fanfare for Five.

2010-09-23: Scores and recordings now available for through the edge and Aliquot-one. Scores for Of Seven and Fifths, Fanfare for Five, Ascent and Elation, and falling into white are also available.