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for piano
(dur.: c. 5:30)

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I wrote this in a very short amount of time considering the way I usually work. Awakening was written in response to the call for scores put out by the UNT in South Korea event, sponsored by the Composer's Forum at UNT. I found out about it about 10 days before the deadline. So I spent an intense and satisfying week and a half composing for solo piano.

Awakening consists of five sections, each of which contain variations of the same six components. The components vary in size from a single beat to several measures in length. Each of the five sections presents the components in a unique order. There is a sixth section that begins like the others, but it does not complete the presentation of all of the components. Perhaps the awakening happens at the moment the piece ends...

Premiered May 20, 2010 at Konkuk University, Seoul, South Korea; Min Kim (piano)