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Have you always wanted to learn how to write music? To arrange? Do you want to improve your composition skills? Your knowledge of music theory? Ear training?

You are here, reading this because you have a desire, even a need, to not only play or sing music, but to make your own unique, original music. Those of us who compose and arrange find a great deal of satisfaction from the act of creating new music. Whether for your own pleasure, for a church group, friends, or the next Hollywood blockbuster, you feel driven to write music.

All people have two important needs when deciding how they are going to study music. The first is that the program of instruction ensures you will reach your goals. The second is your schedule. If you find a great program designed and administered by a great teacher and this program fits into your schedule, you will succeed and enjoy learning.

Lessons happen in studio or via Skype or Google chat.

Schedule a Lesson

Your initial consultation with the instructor is free. Use the button below to schedule a lesson on BookFresh. You will be taken to a site where you can select the day and time you would like to meet. The times shown are the available times. If none of the times shown work for you, call me and we'll work something out!

I offer online scheduling using BookFresh